Music…I love you!

Music has its way with me. For many, music can take you to a different world. For those of you who know me, you know that I love almost everything (minus deep country and raw classic). A few years ago, I was blessed with a song that always takes me to a happy place. A song so…beautiful, fun-filled, life-changing that it pushed me to write this post.

There are many days that (thanks, Bri) we forget just how wonderful life can be. There are those days where we have to literally be cut away from our beds, couches, and devices just so we can fulfill our daily duties. Oooh…there are also those days where we just want to sit and think and thank. Well, this is that song.


The build up is amazing! It literally takes two minutes for the simple lyrics to start. It’s a bubbly song… it makes you think about the sun gently shining down on your face. The song makes you tap your leg to the beat…

You be the judge…




Student Writing (Raw and Uncut pt.3)

My Recent Life  By: Kajus Kaselionis   3/7/17
Recently i had a problem with my neighbors and i don’t get close to their yard i live in Kincaid ct. What i did was i always was mean to their daughter Riley Ryan she also goes to my school Meadowview Elementary recently she got a new basketball hoop because her old one was rusty and broken and i never let her use my hoop she signed up for basketball at the Woodridge park district recently i went to my first playoffs game and i saw her, her parents, Brianne Jackson, Kaitlyn, and Victoria. During that game, we lost and so i went home while i was going home my mother gave me  a new Pokemon pack from Dollar Tree the day was sort of weird and the day ended.

# My life so far By : Sumayya Kaleem

My life is awesome because I am in an age to learn new thing so I can be a doctor to help sick people but at the same time i want to be a teacher so now i don’t know what to choose to be a teacher or a doctor. Now I need to figure out what to choose to help sick people or to help little kids learn. Also I like art as an activity.  

# art# scary # sport# friends #family # animals  


The Beginning Of A True Best Friend…

I went in the class like every other day. 1s/2nd grade has getting hard. I went to my seat and realised we weren’t in our normal seat so I went to my new one and saw I was seating with a nice 1st grader named Betzy I was happy a little I didn’t really know her, I knew her a little because I went to the same class as her brother in kindergarten. After a few days we started to talk a lot we started to become friends.

Few days later she got me a BFF necklaces and I was so happy because I never got one with true meaning of friendship. We talked more and more every day. I started to tell my mom about her and my mom was thinking she new her mom. I was kinda thinking are we becoming friends.

3 years later, we got closer to each other from the soccer practice her brother is in. We started to wear the same things, we started to give more things… And right there we knew we were meant to be BEST FRIENDS!!

Kattie  3-7-17

My first Vacation                        Victoria     3-7-17
My first vacation was in Florida, and let’s just say I did a lot of things there. First, we went to Legoland. There were so many things there like, water parks, theme parks, even characters. My little brother Gavin was too shy to take a picture with the characters but I jumped in and took a picture. I was only six but I actually went on roller coasters. But if you thought I get on those by myself no way my dad went with me. We spent the whole day there.  


Soccer is a great sport for me. Soccer is also a great sport for you to. for those who know me very well know that i’m upsest  with soccer whenever I  get a chance over the weekend when my mom is going out or doesn’t need help with anything I go  with my friends  but everytime I go I ask my mom first  can i go and I ask does she need help with anything she mostly goes out and my sister goes to our cousins and so does my baby brother and then I go to seven bridges ice arena to play soccer with my friend because there is a soccer field and then I mostly get home before my mom so I either stay home alone because I have keys or I go to my cousins house to help with my brother since i’m done playing soccer

By: Darreion

Date 3/7/17

2017 march 7th. Was he my friend? By Omar Sayyed.

I started school a day or two late so I ended up in meadview bus three i step in it was so loud  it was like they wore playing the drums over and over all i heard was sit. My body stopped and sat by a kid with brown hair and brown eye’s with long hair that covered his ear  the words that came out his mouth put me in mixed in emotions was i sad or excited. He said  “We’re gonna be friends i just know it.”

The bus ride was loud with kid’s screaming non stop but me and him just sat in silence some awkward ride i must say. Till he asked “what’s your name?” i said “omar” i did not know my last name back then. I mean i was in preschool  i finally arrived at meadview district sixty eight we went to the door from the back next to the playground. I take a glance and i see him it’s like he was tracking me
The playground  was big with climbing walls and monkey bars even a wiggly bridge we enter the school building. Many with grief but i didn’t know what i felt it was weird. We go up a phew stairs and we end up in a room with a teacher with blond hair Her name was miss A. the same kid sat right next to me we talked so did many at recess me and him tried the wiggly bridge. We laughed when he fell he was tuff me not as tough  let’s just say instead of laughter there was tears. And a beautiful stroll to the nurse’s office we understood each other but not to long after he left to another school without a by i never saw him again i can’t even remember his name. And i think he can’t remember mine either i think he forgot mine to and that’s when my adventure began. When did your


All student writing was published with student permission.

Student Writing (Raw and Uncut pt.2)

I am that girl who knows what I need and who.

I am the type of girl that believes in myself no matter what.

I am that person that knows what to be when I become older.

I am that someone that pushes myself to be a stronger person.

I am that girl that even if the world is ending I will have faith.

I am a girl who challenges myself to become a braver person.

 I am blessed for what I have and what I became this year.  

No one can ever change my personality of what I am.

Because that one person is me and I like a lot.

By:Natalie 3/7/17

My Family  By: Jaden Lewis    3/7/17

My family is full of sports, I have 3 brothers and i’m older than one of them, the one i’m older than his name is Derrick he’s almost 4, the other two are name Jordan and Lataye, Lataye is the oldest.

Jordan is on a wrestling team and he made to state championship and i get to see him wrestle and we’ve been seeing how good he’s got from scratch, and this is his first year and he made it to state championship. Man I am so proud of my brother can’t stop thinking about it.

Lataye was on a wrestling team and he has lots of medals hanging in his room, Lataye played on the football team, the track team and he played basketball for a while.

I’m the only one that hasn’t been on a sport team i’m just like The One And Only Ivan that’s what can relate myself to And Im 11.

The Game

Driving down the court ready as ever, thinking “Could it be? My last time.”

Pass, run, catch. Did whole world really just go in slow motion???

Or is it just me… I shot my first basket  for the 1st quarter, before I knew it the crowd went wild.

Dribble, Dribble… Shoot… SLAP!!!

I blocked the ball caught it and down I went driving down the court the other players on my tail.

I took a step and I shot from the side, way out  but not to out people blocking me.

BOOM!! Before you knew it I made it, again.

Minutes… Tired hard worked minutes later… it was 3rd quarter sweat running down my forehead, heart beating, feels like it’s going 100 miles per hour…

STOP!!!!!…SUBS!!! Ref blows the whistle.

Sadly I have to sit out… I needed it anyway I felt so…wasted.

Finally Last quarter…score board says 10 to 20  I made all the points I am so proud of myself, We sadly lost.

But… It’s not about winning or losing. It’s how you play the game.

K.P.  3/7/17    5th grade


Hockey has its own rhythm to me every stride i take feels like , me pushing off a block , everything i do on ice calms me down it acks as a stress reliever it changed me it made me exercise a lot more then i used to, it made me push myself to find me, the real me atleast ,a lot of days i just stand there looking at the ice thinking of the capabilities i could have.

There are a lot of different ways to calm down i think mine is one of a kind

I tie up my skates ,step on the ice and try to accomplish something every day even if it’s just a simple push forward i still think¨yes¨ cause i did something instead of sitting and just laying around being lazy.




All writing was published with student permission.

Student Writing (Raw and Uncut)

A few of my students were interested in my blog…and wanted to share their own writing. All writing is published with student permission.


I’m Me by: Fauna

I’m not the girl who says “I got this”

I’m not the girl who is there

I’m not the girl who is positive

I’m not the girl who is a blonde barbie doll

I’m not the girl who has all the friends

I’m not the girl with the designer clothes

I’m not the girl with the hair curler and hair spray

I’m not the girl with beautiful blue eyes

I’m not the girl with the mascara and eyeliner

But I am the girl who makes a difference

I am the girl who can inspire

I am the girl who can be positive

I am the girl who can someday be an amazing dentist

I am the girl who prays for my family

I am the girl with five BFF’s

I am the girl with straight hair and bangs

I am the girl with a bright smile

I am the girl with  crazy friends that always have my back

I am the girl with the pretty brown eyes

I am the girl that is still afraid of the dark

I am the girl who listens to clean music not rap

I am the girl with the healthy body and smart brain

                         I will do all of these things

    By Fauna 5th grade          3/7/17


Band  3/7/17

It’s loud it’s fun it’s different types of sound it’s… it’s… SPECTACULAR! Practice, practice, practice if you want to make permanent, not perfect and you get to hangout with friends. There are different types of instruments, High Brass, Woodwinds, Low Brass, Percussion. The High Brass instruments contain Trumpets, Cornets, French Horns. Woodwinds contain Flutes, Saxophones, Clarinet, Piccolo, Oboe. Low Brass contains, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium. Percussion contains, snare drum, cymbal, bass drum, suspended cymbal, Xylophone, wood blocks, Cowbell, drum set.
By: Tyler

MY LIFE SO FAR        3\7\17

Well, i don’t really have anything very important to say. But I can talk about how my life is going. I’m feeling good today because I ordered a sweater with bear ears and it’s supposed to come today. Also, i’m planning on doing a youtube channel with Sara. In my youtube channel, i want to do a lot of things. For example, i want to do beauty and crafts. In the future, I think it’s going to be fun. But first, I’m going to do in the intro to start our channel. Anyways, let’s talk about things i like. I like the color blue and purple, I like crepes with fresh fruit, I like the book My Father’s Dragon and i also like swimming . The things i don’t like is when people don’t understand me for example they say what and i tell them but then they say it again and i get mad because I don’t want to repeat myself again. I also hate when people touch my stuff and either ruin it or don’t put it back where it belongs. Another thing I can talk about is my freinds. I think my friends are nice.They are funny and push me to be more confident in who i am. Something i’m not looking forward to i PARCC testing. But so far my life is going good.


        Fast fury cute

   Fluffy fun playful

    Big small huge

       Nice mean





  Hoping for a big

Warm hug at night

         And food in the morning

also unconditional



       By.Dominic 3/7/17


All writing is published with student permission.

…That’s What Friends are For!

recite-aooq9nI have always been one of those people that needed to know the answer to questions. Specifically, if I lose a friend, a boyfriend, get in an argument, earn something, etc, I need to know the reason why? Without this information, I tend to develop my own reasons based on my schema of similar situations.

Of course, I have a story that tightly relates to this.

I had this friend, unlike any friend that I have ever had before. I only had an opportunity to work with her for a short amount of time, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying everyday outside of school together. I could tell that she was a genuine friend and knew that my friendship meant a lot to her (vice versa). It felt good to be valued and needed.

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