Music…I love you!

Music has its way with me. For many, music can take you to a different world. For those of you who know me, you know that I love almost everything (minus deep country and raw classic). A few years ago, I was blessed with a song that always takes me to a happy place. A song so…beautiful, fun-filled, life-changing that it pushed me to write this post.

There are many days that (thanks, Bri) we forget just how wonderful life can┬ábe. There are those days where we have to literally be cut away from our beds, couches, and devices just so we can fulfill our daily duties. Oooh…there are also those days where we just want to sit and think and thank. Well, this is that song.


The build up is amazing! It literally takes two minutes for the simple lyrics to start. It’s a bubbly song… it makes you think about the sun gently shining down on your face. The song makes you tap your leg to the beat…

You be the judge…