Shut Up Tupac

Monday was our day to enjoy Vegas. I woke up well rested after our long drive to Cali and ready to enjoy Las Vegas before our friends would begin to arrive. We grabbed our sugary drinks and headed to our first stop…food. As many of you may know, there’s always something interesting to see on the Las Vegas Strip. From Olaf to a very tall awkwardly shaped Minnie Mouse, every impersonation of a character that you could possibly think of was well-represented. We were having a great time laughing, taking pictures, and hotel hopping. There is one thing I love about Las Vegas… It gives people the freedom to be whoever they want to be whether that’s long term or temporary. Everything was going great until we met Tupac. A man dressed as Tupac standing on the corner of where Tupac Shakur was killed was yelling at us from a distance. I could not make sense of what he was saying until we got closer. Finally, I was able to hear what he was saying and I was not pleased with it. He was continuously  repeating ” that relationship needs some color.” A few people looked at us and snickered while others completely ignored his racists comment. I held Ed’s hand tight and my purse tighter… ( thinking to myself, I would hate for my purse to accidentally hit him across his face). Las Vegas is this great place where everyone is allowed to be free and who they are ( or want to be), but you would be surprised at how many people are still against interracial relationships (not just in Vegas).  There were a few other comments that took place on the strip, but we did not let that get to us. We continued to hold hands, laugh, and enjoy our sugary beverages. Besides, Monday was our day to enjoy Vegas. 



  1. Embekka · March 28, 2017

    I am sorry that occurred. That was awful! Stay strong. Love conquers all!

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  2. tinybirdwithabigsong · March 29, 2017

    I’m glad you’re not letting comments by these people not ruin your good time. It’s their issue not yours. Cant believe that still happens in today’s world! Make some great memories!!!

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    • Vickiela · March 30, 2017

      Can you send me a link to your blog? Every time I click on your username I am not able to reach it


  3. Vickiela · March 29, 2017

    Thank you. I am.


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