Meanwhile, you were holding on to…


Point blank,  life is short. We spend so much of our time holding grudges, judging, assuming, holding back,  withdrawing, pursuing, containing,  maintaining… I could go on forever… that we forget about the precious life that we have been given as well as all that’s happening around us. Meanwhile, people are dying… young people missing out on opportunities to BE SOMEBODY,  families are divided by lies, differences, and insecurities, the world is slowly falling into pots labeled by color and beliefs, as we sit and wait on our time to come.  As we sit and wait to fall into our scenario and just be.
See, we were given this life to live it… explore it… enjoy all that life has to offer. Yet, many believe that they will live to infinity and beyond just as our friend Buzz has. Unfortunately,  this is all real. Life is real.  We didn’t receive a time line that explicitly lists scheduled events. At any moment,  at any given moment everything could be gone. What positive moments will people remember you for? Are you living your life? Or are you one who believes that tomorrow is undoubtedly promised.
Our world is full of enough hate. Our is sorrounded by people who are suffering. How do we change our scenario? How do we continue to live in a place that is no longer safe, conducive for all to live? How can we live THIS THING CALLED LIFE in a place where people take this ONE LIFE WE WERE GIVEN as a joke? It’s time. 
Love and live people…



Wake Your Mind Up!

Don’t let your mind wonder to far… for if it does you’ll get lost. What you once thought will no longer make sense. What you believed in will barely exist if you let your mind wonder.

What happens when you give me space to wonder? What happens when life gives you old lemons… the ones with the tough unbreakable skin. Impossible to cut through…right? Well,  impossible to cut if you don’t have the right knife or if you’re cheap like me and buy your knives from Ikea.

I’m trying.  I’m trying to make lemonade… with old lemons and no desire to buy a new knife.  “I’ve been using this knife all of my life, why change now?” I know I’m not the only one feeling this way… I know that I can make it through any test thrown my way.  I know my strength… I know my worth, yet I continously settle for subpar.

Wake up calls come sooner than expected.  I’m awake. I see… my lemonade is bitter lacking color and taste. I deal with it… I dealt with it. Now,  I’m awake. Pulling the mask off a face and seeing the flaws of someone you once believed in….awake.