Deep Breath…Exhale

My life would be very different with out music.  Okay, here we go….
It was a dark and stormy night (as if no one has ever opened a story with this line). I lie in bed motionless, thinking,  brain overloaded with life… all motionless except for my fingers and eyes. My eyes staring into space and its surroundings while my fingers searched through the world. Finally,  I found what my heart needed…. a sweet and subtle joyful tune unheard before. I think I’m a sucker for good lyrics and a mixture of guitar and drums….
To be honest,  it feels as though music is always there when I needed it. Always there to fill in the moments of happiness as well as sadness. Today,  it was just what I needed.  Today,  music (OURS-Broken) filled the voids.
Tonight,  I listen to all my favs on replay. I’m happy,  I’m at peace… nothing else matters.



Shy faces, silent words

I ran from the man in the store. He sparked a conversation, I grinned, and walked away. We met in the wine aisle. He smiled, I acted as if I didn’t notice. I snuck off to the tissue aisle, of course, he passed me by. I covered my face with a Charmin 12 pack… attempting to hide my Lion King sweatshirt. That didn’t stop him, he spoke again. I silently stared at his beautiful face only glancing back to watch him walk away with a kind smirk. What was he trying to say? Will we meet again?




I’ve came, I’ve saw, I’ve conquered.
Every bone in my body feels extremely saddened for your lack of security that you have for yourself.  You disregard  feelings that are not of your own. You rely on small steps in the right direction to be noticed… and can be indecisive because you never truly had to make a decision. You seek attention although you’ve never really had it. Read More

Black Out Poetry….

I chose to bring light to these particular words to emphasize the lost of hope… to emphasize the feeling of becoming excited, remaining optimistic, and being let down in one swoop.

Hoping to do blackout poems with my students soon.

No Light

He may fall short
He’s likely to win
He can’t win
I am prepared, but
The fear somewhere along the way…


The Life of…

I’m at my best when my doors are locked. I’m cradled in comfort, I’m safe. Depending on the breeze, I’ll lower what protects me. I’ll swallow my surroundings within a few gulps. Boy, how I miss the freedom. Ears filled with familiar sounds. Eyes anxious to explore the next signs of life.  I have no intentions on stopping, I’m well prepared for what’s ahead of me. Two steps forward and I only glance back.  I’m not restrained, I can go on forever.  I’m in my happy place,  I choose my destiny, I finish my story. Sun in my face, bags packed, tank full, and I’m gone.


I Wish You Knew…

question-markSo, one of my awesome teaching partners, Dav-id and I decided to run a Poetry Club at our school.

“Me, poetry…lol!” Is what I thought to myself as we developed this plan as to what club we wanted to include for the last session of after school club. Dav-id is so good with using poetry…not just reading it, but using it to put things in a different perspective…making things make sense. So far, it has been amazing. Loving that some students fear poetry for the same reasons that I do….

Yes, I said love) because we have the opportunity to change their outlook (I have the opportunity to change my outlook). So today, we decided to write to an unknown person about things that we wish they knew. Here it goes…

Dear Unknown Person, 

I wish you knew that I am tired from all the thinking that I have to do…not about basic things, but those things that worry any person approaching higher numbers.

I wish you knew that sometimes I like to soak it all in. I love to sit back and simply take the time to appreciate my surroundings…don’t worry, I’m not tuning you out.

I wish you knew that I am not perfect. I make mistakes, and usually learn from them. Please don’t expect me to be perfect all the time:)

I wish you knew that I am an open book. At times, I can seem a little distant. I am only trying to conceal what may be running through my head. Just taking my time to do things right…that’s all.

Last but not least, I wish you knew that there are no words that can explain how I feel when I see your face. There’s more to it than just your face…I can’t help but believe that you are beautiful, both inside and out.

For now, ~FTID

Monday… I’m not sad, I swear…

recite-1nffch (1)I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I know, this sounds as if it might be a sad post, but I promise it won’t. As much as I have complained about this week…I didn’t travel, no crazy parties with old friends, no sleepovers, etc…I actually had a beautiful break. I made sure that I did not engage in anything that I wrote on my long (do it or else) list. I didn’t visit everyone that I texted and said “hey see ya next week during my spring break.” I did, however, get plenty of random rest. I will confess that there were many (eat and sleep and eat and sleep) moments in which I could not force myself to do a darn thing. There were times where I woke up and set “forget it” I’m going to New York. Later on that evening I would find myself doing the total opposite (watching a new show, pretending to clean something). Today, I’m back. As bad as I wish that there were a few more days included in this well deserved spring break, I am happy to be back in the presence of my students and hear their awesome spring break stories. So far, we have all agreed on one thing….much needed sleep will take place after the school day is over.

~Happy Monday




It was great to be able to spend the weekend with family. Yes, family! Although many hate to admit it, family goes way deeper than being related (through blood, and marriage). See I do have a (bloodline) family… everybody does, but my family “my family”… the family I speak of includes a few true friends.

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