And then there were…

This picture should reveal it all! I have a lot of awesome people that I work with. These three…these three guys… remind me of the importance of laughing so hard that I cry on a daily basis! Thanks!!!!



31 Days= …

quotes-about-love_9113-1For the past 31 days I have participated in the Slice of Life month long story challenge. There are many things that I have not only learned about myself, but friends, colleagues, and writers around the world too.

I’ll be brief…friends, colleagues, and writers around the world, you all have a story. I have loved reading your reflections about life, present, past, and future. I am amazed at how we are so very different and alike in so many ways.  Read More

Earl Grey, Rain, and Emile Haynie…


I had to silence (almost silence) everything in my life to enjoy this moment…my music is still playing and I’m accepting text from a select few.

I wanted to take this moment to write about my sister. See, once upon a time, there was just me. I don’t remember much about me except that life was fun and all the attention was on me. Then, one day (three years later), my mom drops off this little nugget. Cute? Maybe? All babies have some sort of cuteness to them. All of a sudden, everything stopped being about me! Everyone who came over wanted to hug this…this new baby. As she continued to sprout, life became all about sharing and setting examples in which I did most of. Read More

Apple Vs. Android

IMG_20150629_212008-2Apples Vs. Android? So what! Who cares? is the first thought that comes to many of our heads when this topic is brought up. On another note… this topic is just like the whole “apple vs. oranges” conversation…or men vs. women. One thing that I am certain about is that I am (in my most stubborn of stubborn voices) an Android… A.K.A. independent and all over the place.

I mean, let’s be serious. I never really had a choice. My life has been full of constant change and has been the least bit of simple. Read More

Pure Randomness…


I keep getting mad at myself because my car and I are were supposed to be in New York right now. I initially planned to leave on Sunday, but had to face a minor setback. Wait! When I say mad, I don’t actually mean mad because I instantly smile at the fact that I could really be anywhere right now. Its spring break! way different from spring break during my bachelors and masters degree (sigh… the young years)! I guess I am feeling this way because this is my first spring break in which I am not traveling.
Read More

Truth Be Told!

two_sidesIt is important to learn from your mistakes. It is important to embrace everyday. It is important to know who you are. It is also it important to realize that all battles are not meant to be fought.

Unfortunately, I will not be writing about Easter. Today, I need to reflect on the basics. I need to face the facts.

There are two sides to every situation. What’s sad is that many people don’t face the facts about there being two sides. I am so glad that I came to terms with this fact a long time ago. I used to think that my side (my story) was the only thing that mattered. This lasted for a long time. 8 years ago I met a guy that I became very close with. For the longest time he hated his mom based on facts given by his father. See, he was raised by his dad and had never truly been around his mom. For the longest time he believed that his mom was public enemy #1. That all changed when his mom began to reach out to him more than usual. She called, texted, found him on Facebook and messaged him, and finally popped up at his new home. At that moment, she was able to tell her story. I mean, the way in which she went about doing it was not ideal, but she was able to clear up any misconceptions. Unsure about her side, 2 out of her 3 boys continuously pushed her way. They both had lots of questions about her absence. They both wondered why it had taken her so long to come around.   Read More

Almost there…


Sometimes you just got to stop and look at the progress that has been made. Tomorrow we are surprising my grandmother with her new room… I’m tired, frustrated, and happy all at the same time. It has been great working with my family, but it is time to kiss them goodbye. You can only handle so much of your family within a selected time period. It’s kind of cool working our way through tonight. We all decided to pull an all nighter to complete the project. I’m hoping we only spend another 5 hours. More pictures to come soon.



Another long day that was well worth it. Tonight I got to see my friend / colleague at his best. I witnessed him come into work this morning, leave around his normal time, pick up his kids, make dinner, and surely but slowly snap into character for the main role in a play. I am honored to have met such an awesome man this year. Don’t get me wrong,  he has his moments, but overall,  he’s a rock star in shining armor. I enjoyed seeing him in his happy place… on stage. I could tell that he was loving every minute. I could tell that he missed it. I could tell that he was happy to be back. Congrats to my friend who found his way back to one of his many passions.

Long days, short nights….


For most women (no offense to men) our jobs are never done. We always want to go the next mile. We like to give projects that we invest our time in our all. We love to do for others whether we like them or not. Why do we care so much? Why does the tea kettle have to be on the left side of the stove and not the right? Read More